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Sparkly Snow and a Warm Cozy Glow

It's probably no secret that I kinda love this time of year.  Not so much the winter season itself, which in this country just tends to be dark, damp and dank but the festive weeks I do enjoy.  The twinkly lights, the glittery decorations, the yummy food and the anticipation and excitement for the little ones brings me an awful lot of pleasure.

So the fact that December has rolled around fills me with much more joy than anything else.  Although I do still have a few presents to finish and parcels to send off weighing on my mind to add a slight frisson of tension to proceedings at the moment.  Not to mention all the presents to wrap!  Still, with no Christmas Day to organise, (lucky me, we are at my sister's this year!) it is all eminently achievable stuff which is rather nice.

Every once in a while though, even in grey old Blightly, we do manage to pull out the stops and summon up some weather rather more fitting for this season and produce some snow.  Normally, where I live …

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